nyfw: my favorite trends

it’s that time of the year again: fashion week season. and as always things kicked off with new york fashion week and after hours spent perusing http://www.style.com i’ve narrowed down my favourite trends!

white on white

i love a pop of colour but there is just something clean and wholesome about an all white ensemble. Helmut Lang and Calvin Klein seemed to think so too. my favourite all white look from the catwalks however comes courtesy of Proenza Schouler. I love myself a good blazer and this belted waist version paired with slouchy trousers is classical yet current, casual yet chic.


from lemony yellow to tangy orange, citrusy hues were all over the runway – from the lip colour on Prabal Gurung’s runway to a Rebecca Minkoff satchel to a DKNY sneaker to Monique Lhuillier sandals.  my favourite is this Jenny Packham beaded dress and i love the whole overall barefaced, tousled hair look.


fashion this year around wasnt just pleasing to the eye, it played with the sense of touch too. think ribbon detail on the Prabal Gurung catwalk to Christmas decor detailing on Vera Wang’s. i love how Carolina Herrera plays with sheer paneling and silk, seems like the designer decided to reach into her craft drawer and have a bit of fun.

bare midriffs

been putting off time at the gym for awhile? well its time to hit it with a vengeance and overdose on the crunches – bare midriffs were everywhere this season from BCBG and Alexander Wang to Vera Wang. this DKNY sports inspired look is a perfect way to show off those abs.

just a slip

one of my favourite Oscar dresses is the powder pink Ralph Lauren slip dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the ’99 edition. and this year’s runways from Jason Wu to Narciso Rodriguez took us back in time with their updated version of the slip dress. i love this blush red Theyskens’ Theory breezy dress.

all images: style.com


why do good people do bad things?

pick up a newspaper or turn on the tv and we are bombarded with stories of rape, murder, deceit – basically all the bad in the world.

i’ve been told that i am too naive, that i more often than not set myself up for disappointment by expecting only the best from people. i have been hurt, i’ve experienced loss but that still hasnt taken away my ability to believe in the good of this world, that there is always a rainbow after a storm and that people are inherently good and that it is some external factor that makes them do bad things.

what is a bad thing though? we live in a day and age where people drink too much, lies flow freely, where stories of adultery aren’t surprising anymore – in short all that was taboo back in the day is now the norm. some of the nicest people i know are those that society is quick to deem ‘party animals’ and point out that they are on a one way ticket to hell but they are good people. they dont hurt, they treat people with kindness and dignity, they have high morals and principles. on the other hand there are those with a holier than thou facade, they go on about how they dont gamble, dont smoke yada yada but these people lie, they back stab, they act with malice with the intention to inflict hurt ..

over the years a bad thing for me is the intention or actually inflicting harm on a person. people i believe are born good. and its their experiences along the way that i think cause them to do bad things. greed, envy, jealousy can give rise to bad acts and these come about from experience.

someone must have wronged osama bin laden when he was young and that’s what caused him to do what he did. that boy that just had no qualms about cheating on you, maybe his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. the maid that just stole from you maybe her husband spends his money on drugs and she was just looking for a way to feed her hungry children.

i found this website that identifies some psychological reasons people do bad things – http://www.businessinsider.com/27-psychological-reasons-why-good-people-do-bad-things-2012-8?op=1.

i once read somewhere – be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. who knows a simple smile and a how do you do to a random person you bump into at the supermarket line might prevent them from going out and stabbing someone.

dont let the negativity brew! smile, smile and smile some more.

procrastination no more.

i was reading an article today on how writers are procrastinators, and that we are. i have started three blogs and after the initial enthusiasm maintaining it becomes a chore. hopefully this time around that will not be the case.

for regular readers of my writing (are there any?) i have moved countries (again!), said goodbye to a career in journalism and said hello to a lifetime of matrimonial bliss. what hasn’t changed is that i still have an opinion on everything – from my morning coffee to the situation in syria to the new york fashion week runways. instead of just talking to the walls i’ve decided to put pen to paper to share my wonderful views with you! and this time around i shall strive to be more regular in my offerings.

till next time .. may the shoes be with you!