carbon copy

3d_person_windows_mirror_by_larundel-d4bp7dgGuess who’s back, back again? So after promising myself I wont fall off the blogosphere I did just that .. but hey, at least my absence this time was not as long as my previous hiatus. 😛

So what made me put pen to paper or in this case manicured fingertips to keyboard – something I came across during one of my random moments of social lurking on Facebook. One of my friends had shared a fake profile, someone who was impersonating her, and had asked those on her friend list to report. And a couple of days ago I found a fake profile on Instagram stealing images from a popular (one of my favourites!) digital influencer’s Insta feed. And the one that took the cake – someone had uploaded a nude image on Dropbox and falsely said it was my cousin.

All of this got me thinking, in a day and age where our lives are laid bare on social media platforms have the lines of identity become blurred? The concept of identity is a murky one – is it the country or state you come from, is it the religion you practice, is it the colour of your skin or even the race you follow.

However, what I believe makes you inherently you is your personality. If someone were to ask me to describe myself, say I said 25 year old Sri Lankan Muslim Moor, it would not be completely unique. However, if I said I am a writer and a baker, who roots for Chelsea FC and Sri Lanka cricket, has One Direction and Bob Marley on the same playlist, loud mouthed, opinionated, loves passionately, gets jealous easily, a bit obnoxious, extremely sensitive etc etc .. that I believe would give a better idea of who I am.

And I can give you similar descriptions for my close friends.

These personalities then translate on to social media platforms and however hard you try to layer it with privacy it is still a window into who you are.

Many thrive on this. First it is subtle phrases and little paragraphs they plagiarise, you know how someone’s Facebook rant sounds very similar to something you read on the Internet a couple of weeks ago. Next comes the pictures that look eerily similar and before you know it your pictures and information starts showing up on fake profiles. There is no saying if these would lead to defamation of character, financial fraud or even a loss of a job.

While Facebook allows you to report a fake profile including those that impersonate one of your friends, on Instagram only the person who’s profile is being impersonated can complain. I am not sure about Dropbox or Twitter or LinkedIn’s policies on privacy.

It is scary to think .. someone at this every moment maybe using a social media platform with yours or my details .. someone might be a carbon copy of you.


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why do good people do bad things?

pick up a newspaper or turn on the tv and we are bombarded with stories of rape, murder, deceit – basically all the bad in the world.

i’ve been told that i am too naive, that i more often than not set myself up for disappointment by expecting only the best from people. i have been hurt, i’ve experienced loss but that still hasnt taken away my ability to believe in the good of this world, that there is always a rainbow after a storm and that people are inherently good and that it is some external factor that makes them do bad things.

what is a bad thing though? we live in a day and age where people drink too much, lies flow freely, where stories of adultery aren’t surprising anymore – in short all that was taboo back in the day is now the norm. some of the nicest people i know are those that society is quick to deem ‘party animals’ and point out that they are on a one way ticket to hell but they are good people. they dont hurt, they treat people with kindness and dignity, they have high morals and principles. on the other hand there are those with a holier than thou facade, they go on about how they dont gamble, dont smoke yada yada but these people lie, they back stab, they act with malice with the intention to inflict hurt ..

over the years a bad thing for me is the intention or actually inflicting harm on a person. people i believe are born good. and its their experiences along the way that i think cause them to do bad things. greed, envy, jealousy can give rise to bad acts and these come about from experience.

someone must have wronged osama bin laden when he was young and that’s what caused him to do what he did. that boy that just had no qualms about cheating on you, maybe his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. the maid that just stole from you maybe her husband spends his money on drugs and she was just looking for a way to feed her hungry children.

i found this website that identifies some psychological reasons people do bad things –

i once read somewhere – be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. who knows a simple smile and a how do you do to a random person you bump into at the supermarket line might prevent them from going out and stabbing someone.

dont let the negativity brew! smile, smile and smile some more.